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Jumat, 11 Maret 2011


Today , 12 March 2011
        Hi, Al- hamdulilah , I have spare time to write some story in my blog. Not until long, I just want tell you nice memory in January until february. Actually, this news will be show after I finish My final examination. but, you know? my finger can't stop to write write write write and write. Okey let's see what's going on?

On 28 january 2011, there are 3 guest stars from america  visited My school.  there are Kevin, Jason, and Manuel. Yeah, They school at university of america. They come to my school to do some observation about something in Bojonegoro. It was nice moment!
My friends and I to be MC in opening ceremony for welcoming Guest from America. This is my Job! You know , if there is guest stars, My teacher always asked me to be MC , she said "Like usual bel, please help me to be MC! of course use English ". in the beginning I feel so nervous but, after that MC like my job.

Yeaah! Kevin  write his signature for me in my book =) . All my friends also excited to get their signature. Actually, I want take photo just with Kevin, Manuel, and Jason. But I cant'!! =(. my friends always follow me !!!

        On 29 January 2011, Australian's student from Australia. Her name is Fiona Bettesworth, Yups, Not only Fiona Bettesworth, but there is student from SMA 5 Surabaya, Her name is Shelly .They come here want to see my school, and study together with my friends and I, all about bojonegoro

My friends and I try to photo together.

My friends and I make some chit - chat in starfruit's garden with Fiona Bettesworth, before she goback to Australia.

                                                                    let's dinner!!

Fiona and Mbak Shelly =)

Okey, That's all my story with Australian's student and America's students. hopefully I can meet them again, or maybe I can visit their country. Amin =)

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